Saturday, November 7, 2009

Remio Best

I'm really glad to death when I found this. Oh My God! Remioromen's compilation album with all my favorite songs! Yaaay! The info is as written on

Artist: Remioromen
Title: Remio Best (Normal Edition)(Japan Version)
Type: Album
Genre: Rock
Language: Japanese
Release date: March 9, 2009
Quality: MP3 CBR/320kbps

1. Sakura
2. 3月9日 March 9th
3. スタンドバイミー Stand By Me
4. 電話 Denwa
5. ビールとプリン Beer To Pudding
6. もっと遠くへ Motto Toku E
7. 雨上がり Ameagari
8. 南風 Minamikaze
9. 明日に架かる橋 Ashita Ni Kakaru Hashi
10. 太陽の下 Taiyou No Shita
11. Wonderful & Beautiful
12. アイランド Island
13. 粉雪 Konayuki
14. 紙ふぶき Kami Fubuki
15. 夢の蕾 Yume No Tsubumi

where I found it at the first time

NOTE: You should download both parts and extract it together, otherwise the track#11 won't appear *like what happened to me* if it asks for any password, it is kiamessi

NOTE 20101109: the page I linked above isn't existed anymore, so try to download it at 

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