Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Korean Culture Day 2013 audition polling

So, Korean Culture Day 2013 (in which I happen to be the Event Coordinator) will have S4 as our guest star :D People were like crazy in Twitter and Facebook the moment we announced the information a few days ago. And even S4's international fan base Twitter account retweeted that hahahaha.

Just want to inform you that the audition polling has been opened since March 17 and will be closed at March 31. You can vote below. Special note: I designed this poll personally on Saturday midnight and it took my bestest (?) patience, you know. Some people just don't (or can't?) understand that they need to send their video's link on youtube, not their video -.-"





The one with the highest vote will be automatically the Favorite winner and they'll have the chance to perform on March 20. If the team with the highest vote is one of the two teams picked by the judges, then the Favorite winner will go to the team with the second highest vote.

Happy voting, everyone!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

나를 얼마나 사랑하는지

(난 너무나 궁금한데...)

How much you love me
(I'm really curious)

a part of TVXQ's debut song: Hug.
I can't never get tired of it :)

and they say DBSK's Catch Me Tour will make a stop at Jakarta.

Monday, March 11, 2013

(지나간) March 9

For three consecutive years, I have never forgotten to blog about March 9. For me, March 9 is very special--it's as special as March 3 :)

But this year I was sooo busy that I had no time to go online from my laptop T.T
Nah, maybe not that busy. But still it didn't change the fact I didn't blog on March 9 :/

So what happened on March 9 of 2013?

Jooyoung's and Yoohwan's 22nd birthday (international age), of course. And Taeyeon's 24th birthday.


Music Bank World Tour in Jakarta. LOL.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sweet 21st

Today I (together with Dika) am officially 21.

Teenagers no more.
Two more semesters to graduate from undergraduate program.
어른이 된다.

and suddenly I remember the book 나는 아직, 어른이 되려면 멀었다.
and all my dreams and the song 풍선 and 지금이 아니면.

can I live the rest of my life well?
can I accomplish all my want-to-do list?

I can.
I believe I can.

because as long as I hold onto Him, He will be my power.
He will lead me to His way. The way.

(and 내 안 가득히 and 네게 난 playing simultaneously in the background)