Saturday, February 25, 2012

Encountering you, Kang Haein

January 17, 2012
It’s the first day I officially met you. Well, we did meet at the opening ceremony but we didn’t really know each other that time (and truthfully I couldnt recognize who you were during the performances; well, you were covering your face).

When I saw you standing in front of the class, giving instructions and such, the first thing came across my mind was, Wow, this person sure has the ability to make people listen to him well. I also had a gut feeling that you would be one of the most popular mentors. Maybe it would be fun to have him as mentor, I once thought, but I shrugged it off immediately (as I always had bad luck in drawing thing, and I was kind of expecting a chatty female mentor so we would have lively conversations and I could be a little clingy). It was a pleasant surprise when I opened up the drawing paper and found your name written on it. Though I couldn’t cling onto you, but I was confident we were not going to have dull conversations since you are a bubbly one (well, theres still a little doubt in me as I am a dull one when it comes to converse with someone Im not really close with).

I knew you would ask us if we had any Korean names or not. I’m not so keen of the idea that last year, when many of my friends got their own Korean names (either given by someone else or self-made), I insisted to use my real name. I didn’t know why, but I had this fondness upon my first name (though I share that name more than thousands female in Indonesia) so I wasn’t so into having a Korean name. However, as you were trying to figure out what name would suit me, I thought I should give it a try. Moreover, the name you ‘invented’, 안유희, sounded sweet and lovely and I like the meaning behind it. I was truly thankful for you giving me that name.

January, 18 2012
I began to think my dullness was somehow serious as the bubbly you were starting to spend more time with just thinking, looking at us, and smiling. The awkward chuckles came more often as I continuously regretted that side of me. I seriously needed to get that fixed.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sampai jumpa lagi :)

terima kasih untuk dua minggu ini.
Untuk semua nasihat dan wejangannya.
Untuk tawa-tawa yang Papi ciptakan.
Untuk lip balm-nya yang imut.

Saya sungguh berterima kasih karena Allah memilihkan Papi untuk mendidik saya dua minggu ini.
Papi benar-benar care dan tidak sekadar basa-basi.