Monday, September 23, 2013

Dangerous 'Junmen' is Dangerous.

Because as Joonmyeon has a good-looking face, this 'Junmen' also posses the Prince-ly trait. And those Prince-ly attitude.

Dangerous 'Junmen' is dangerous, because just like Joonmyeon, 'Junmen' is very much a Prince, gentleman, and.... dangerous.

"그럼 한국에 나랑 같이 가자. 나도 내년 한국에 돌아가니까. 비행기 표 두 개 살까?"

Oh, dangerous 'Junmen' is dangerous, everybody. Because he manages to make me call him 'Junmen' (and make me think about Joonmyeon every time I see him) even though I dislike Joonmyeon very much.

Unforgettable weekend :')

Literally unforgettable for all the hardship (and some breath-taking moments ^^). I definitely wouldn't be able to forget it........

Pulau Harapan, Sept 21-22, UI Buddy Club's first outing.

Me, Dyna, Mahfud, Clarissa, Wiwid.
#kor10 in UIBC :)

With Clarissa at Pulau Bulat.
We didn't know that there is a house of Cendana in the center of the island.
We did spot the big, very well built house, but we only knew that
it is Cendana's house when we were on the bus -___-

At Pulau Kelapa Dua, visiting turtle conservatory.

with my buddy Chaeyeon Onni!

Because we didn't know what pose we should do.... yeah.
(because Suho is always awkward, be it the real one or the imitation one)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Handsome guy will always look handsome...

... even if he was sleeping in angkot.

Introducing you, Jongmin Park ^^

So this picture was taken when we were heading back to Depok after spending last Saturday by walking around at TMII. We literally did walk around TMII, mind you.

This semester I was assigned as buddy for two exchange students from Seoul Tech, Chaeyeon Lee and Sangwon Son. There are four exchange students from Seoul Tech to our university this semester, and since Clarissa and I practically helped them during their tiring registration process, we eventually got closer. So last Wednesday Chaeyeon asked if I could accompany them to TMII (Jongmin's idea, should have known that), I immediately said yes. Too bad Sangwon and Clarissa and Ipul (Youngjin's buddy) couldn't join us. But Chaeyeon, Jongmin, Youngjin, Mahfud, and I had a good day. It's still a nice trip to remember.

I thought I did a good job being their tour guide. Though it would be more memorable if we did rent motorcycles to explore TMII (so we didn't have to tire ourselves out), I could tell they enjoy it. We talked about things and I learned more about them (like how Jongmin is really frustrated with Youngjin's inability to take good pictures). The only thing I regretted is that I didn't take many pictures with my handphone camera. I should have taken more pictures of me, alone or with the others. Most importantly, I should have taken a picture with that Suho-aura guy, because as Clarissa said, "Dia oke banget buat dijadiin gandengan, buat dipamerin." And because he looked especially cool that day with sunglasses on.

Puhahaha and now why am I even willing to bring up Suho's name? *smirk*