Thursday, June 30, 2016

[entertainment #01] Lovely Lovey!

Hello world!

I bet most of you thought I'm gonna write about Jooyoung again for my first [entertainment] post (because myself thought so too hohoho). However, since Lovey's first mini album is released today, I decided to write about her.

24 album cover
I knew Lovey because this younger sister of Brother Su was also another RealCollabo's gems (that I discovered very late). She has been featured by numerous rappers and singers since 2011, but she officially debuted in 2013 with her brother's composed song, 돌려줘 (Return). Her soft voice is one of the voice types I fond of. If you are more into Jooyoung's old songs compared to his newest releases, I think you'd like Lovey's latest release.


Hello world!

Uh oh, I have never posted anything since the year turned into 2016...

I met one of my favorite authors Sinta Yudisia few weeks ago in Seoul. We talked about many things starting from my thesis to the importance of writing. She gave me a lot of meaningful advice, and one of it was to blog again. So here I am, trying to revive MAX Power! ^^

I plan to categorize my upcoming posts to these:
[memory] - anything related to daily life or anything happened in the past
[travel] - places I went to or want to go to
[entertainment] - spazzing about Kpop or anything that come into my mind
[learning from TV] - something I learned or things I note down when I watch reality show
[living as Muslim] - information, tips or my stories related to living as a Muslim in Korea
[인도네시아 소개] - this is my ambition; I want to write Indonesia-related things in Korean
[Korean literary] - my other ambition; I want to challenge my ability to understand Korean literature by introducing Korean stories/poets/novels I learned in classes
[Korean study] - this will include topics such as Bahasa Korea dan Kebudayaan UI, KGSP, and my study now

Initially I plan to force myself to write a post every day but it sounds like too much... I think three to four posts a week is acceptable.

I don't know if anyone is still reading this blog, but if you are - please watch over my transformation! :) I want to revamp the design too but since I am still as clueless as ever about coding and design, I guess I have to be satisfied with revamping contents first.

Till next post!