Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What day is today?

What day is today?


Then, what's so special about it?

Well, hari ini closing ceremony-nya PAS, Pacific Asia Society. But that's not what makes today is special. Gue kagak tampil perform apapun kok nanti.

So what?

Maybe because I started this day quite earlier with drolling over Hyun Bin? :D

IS IT? #smack

Um, I guess not..

Then what?


#JaejoongDay ?

YES! #JaejoongDay ! Today is @mjjeje a.k.a Kim Jaejoong's registered birthday, January 26!

But isn't Han Jaejoon's real birthday is February 4? That's what his biological mother said.

Oh, so what *rolling eyes*

Yah, but you celebrated Kim Junsu's real birthday (December 15), not his registered birthday (January 1)!

UH! Okay, we can celebrate it again.. If it's for our Hero, why not? ;)

Stay healthy, stay happy, stay in our hearts..

Always keep the faith.

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