Sunday, April 10, 2011

Joo Yeong 주영


Birth name: 김주영

Date of birth: March 9, 1991

Debut date: December 7, 2010

Label: RealCollabo

Discography: 2010 JooYeong Digital Single 그대와 같아 (Same as You)

오빠, 자카르타에 빨리 오세요! 

Who is this guy?
For you wondering who he is, Jooyeong is a new singer from RealCollabo, an agency where Ra.D belongs to. Don't know who Ra.D is? He is the composer and lyricist of I Can't sung by 2PM (minus Taecyeon and Wooyoung), and also I'm in Love sung by Narsha.

Why am I suddenly posting his pictures and info?
Because we, the class of 2010 of Korean Language and Culture University of Indonesia, are falling in love with his voice and we wish he can come to Jakarta Depok very soon :)

Is he a good singer?
You should check RealCollabo youtube account and listen to him by yourself. If you are not melting with the way he sings Nothing's Gonna Change My Love, then I should say you are heartless xD  His English is flawless and when I listen to him without watching the video, it doesn't feel like listening to a Korean singer singing English song.

Where can I download his digital single?
*Sorry if I suggest you to download instead of buying his digital single, because I'm not sure where we can buy one

EDIT 30.10.12
The link above is not working anymore since the site has been closed. You can find Jooyeong's album on Melon


  1. OMG! Thankyou for sharing this! >_< I've fallen in love with him aaaaaaaaaaa ><

  2. Hi, i wanna know the piano sheet of his "nothing's gonna change my love for you". it's very important for me,i wanna sing this style to my boyfriend before he leaves. So, if you know the sheet please send it to my email- ( thanks a lot!