Saturday, February 25, 2012

Encountering you, Kang Haein

January 17, 2012
It’s the first day I officially met you. Well, we did meet at the opening ceremony but we didn’t really know each other that time (and truthfully I couldnt recognize who you were during the performances; well, you were covering your face).

When I saw you standing in front of the class, giving instructions and such, the first thing came across my mind was, Wow, this person sure has the ability to make people listen to him well. I also had a gut feeling that you would be one of the most popular mentors. Maybe it would be fun to have him as mentor, I once thought, but I shrugged it off immediately (as I always had bad luck in drawing thing, and I was kind of expecting a chatty female mentor so we would have lively conversations and I could be a little clingy). It was a pleasant surprise when I opened up the drawing paper and found your name written on it. Though I couldn’t cling onto you, but I was confident we were not going to have dull conversations since you are a bubbly one (well, theres still a little doubt in me as I am a dull one when it comes to converse with someone Im not really close with).

I knew you would ask us if we had any Korean names or not. I’m not so keen of the idea that last year, when many of my friends got their own Korean names (either given by someone else or self-made), I insisted to use my real name. I didn’t know why, but I had this fondness upon my first name (though I share that name more than thousands female in Indonesia) so I wasn’t so into having a Korean name. However, as you were trying to figure out what name would suit me, I thought I should give it a try. Moreover, the name you ‘invented’, 안유희, sounded sweet and lovely and I like the meaning behind it. I was truly thankful for you giving me that name.

January, 18 2012
I began to think my dullness was somehow serious as the bubbly you were starting to spend more time with just thinking, looking at us, and smiling. The awkward chuckles came more often as I continuously regretted that side of me. I seriously needed to get that fixed.

It came to my notice that you like to be seen as a strict teacher. You kept repeating to everyone that you are 호랑이 선생님, while I found that you had the most friendliest appearance among the PAS team. Every time you convinced everyone that you were not funny at all, the act itself was funny (and as much as you hate it, my friends would always say you looked similar to Yoo Jaesuk). You might think I didn’t really listen to you when you say you were actually very scary, but I did sense it since the first time I saw you standing in front of the class.

January 20, 2012
As days passed by, we were finally able to kick those awkward chuckles away. Well, in order to reach that state, I tried my best to babble on practically everything (which really didn’t sound like me at all). Thankfully you played along and allowed us to have decent conversations.

I slightly felt sorry for troubling you with my questions. I knew you liked it when I became an active student and asked you about many things. However, still, I couldn’t help but felt guilty when you had those difficulties to explain to me (and that happened mostly because my lacking vocabulary). You even had to ask help from the other mentors (but I still couldn’t understand). I’m truly sorry… But I was happy for that. The look of you who were trying so hard making me understand, it was very cool.

January 22, 2012
The six of us went to Monas and Grand Indonesia. When we planned it days before, I was a little worried if it would be a nice trip or not. Thankfully it turned out to be a very nice one. The weather when we arrived at Monas was very fine, so fine that I was surprised (it was rainy season, so to find such a clear, fine day along the day was somehow difficult).

During the trip, you wandered around alone for a few times and that made me (and Ara and Irna) felt like having a heart attack when you suddenly disappeared. I knew you would be okay even without any of us three following you everywhere you go, but still… What if anything unwanted happened? (Well, at the end nothing unwanted happened, if you excluded the taking wrong bus thing)

I really had a great time that day. I hope you too (and it seemed like so).

January 23, 2012
If I were to say the thing I regret on the New Year day, it would be that we didn’t learn Seoyoung Onni’s lesson till the end. The last dialogue on Seoyoung Onni’s lesson should be practiced! I had been anticipating it since the time I first received the book. If it was played, I bet that would be totally epic. The so-called 호랑이 선생님 did such thing… Oh, I couldn’t imagine it.

Anyway, when it was announced we would have a New Year game competition, I knew you must become one of the busiest persons that time (and you did). You were so busy going here and there, preparing this and that. And finally I found another thing to make up the regret I had before. That epic position when you demonstrated 씨름… It was so priceless. And luckily, Niken was able to capture that priceless moment.

January 30, 2012
It was the last day of Korean class already. I noticed you shed tears when Kwanwoo Oppa read the poem (and while everyone else was laughing at I-don’t-know-what). Then I had just to do that stupid thing: asking you if the poem was sad. I knew that was very daft of me (and I didn’t really need Ara and Irna throwing me I-want-to-smack-you look), but I guess… that was just the only reaction I could give that time. I’m never the good one when I have to deal with someone who’s crying. If I offended you that time, I sincerely apologize. I’m sorry.

Since there were not much days left, the only thing we could do was making more and more memories. Taking pictures were the easiest way to create memories. So I took more, more, and more pictures with all of friends. You were a very interesting person to be photographed since you kept making the same pose but at the other times you would pose hilariously.

I hope you would always remember me (and Irna and everyone else) everytime you look at our presents. I knew they were not things you could use in daily life but they were very Indonesia so you would never forget us when you look at them (hopefully). Your present was also very special for me, because I had never received cosmetics as present before. I am a girl who barely does makeup…

January 31, 2012
The closing ceremony had come. I was sad, of course, but this was not a thing we didn’t expect. Every meeting has its separation; every beginning has its end. I was sad, but since you would go to Jogjakarta first before going back to Korea, I couldn’t bring myself to cry (because literally you hadn’t gone, there were still some days before you really gone). And to think I’m not the kind who could cry in front of many people.

You kept saying, “Don’t cry, this is not the end; we’re still able to contact each other through everything” to everyone. Then you said, “열심히 공부해” to me. I was about to laugh when I heard that. You really suit being a teacher.

It’s unfortunate I couldn’t go to Jogjakarta with you all. However, there’s still another time. That was not the end (yet).

February 4, 2012
And finally it was really the last day. That night you would fly back to Korea for good. That night I could feel the separation feel for real. It was the end of your journey in Indonesia through PAS program.

You had to go back; I had to go back, because life must go on. I couldn’t describe how much I thank you. You were a very good teacher to me. I learned a lot from (and because of) you.

We will meet again, someday, somewhere. I will fly to Inha next summer no matter what (though the registration process is a total mess right now). Well, if I can’t this year, then I will surely go next year. That time we should meet and you should take me to good places and introduce me to good foods.

Till next time, Haein Oppa. For now, all I can say is happy belated birthday. May you have a wonderful year ahead. May God bless you. Stay healthy, stay funny, and stay happy.

Once again, thank you, and happy birthday.

The one whom you mentor,
Annisa Luthfiarrahman / 안유희

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