Sunday, February 24, 2013


Ever seen the picture? Or heard about Yonsei University?

Yonsei University is the oldest university in Korea. It's the best private university and overall ranked second after Seoul National University.

That was the lines I said hundred times last week. I was working as interpreter at World Education Expo Indonesia, Feb 14-16 2012 in Balai Kartini. I work for Yonsei University's booth. There's a funny thing. My friend who worked for Korea University's booth also said the second sentence over and over to every visitors hahaha (Korea University and Yonsei University are rivals. Together with Seoul National University, the three are belong to SKY, the best universities in South Korea).

with Mr Kim Taehoon, Jiyoon, Miss Lee Yuna, Mr Kim Myungjin,
Hyemin, Yookyung, Mr Jung Yonghwa on second day.
Jiyoon and I worked for Yonsei Univ Wonju Campus while
Hyemin and Yookyung worked  for Yonsei Univ Graduate School.

It was my first experience being a interpreter and it was fun. I learned so many things from it. I knew more about universities in Korea, especially Yonsei University. I also earned new friends, Jiyoon, Hyemin, and Yookyung :) they are 12th graders from Jakarta International Korean School. Three of them have the best scores in their school (as expected, of course, because they choose to work for Yonsei ^^). The surprising thing was Jiyoon's Indonesian is very fluent and when she speaks in Indonesian, there's no trace that she's a Korean at all. Her pronunciation is flawless (she studied at Sekolah Pelita Harapan for 10,5 years starting from elementary school).
with Jiyoon and Hyemin. Yookyung hasn't come yet that time.

The girls were so kind. They even got me a box of Starbuck's peppermint candy~ ah, our Yonsei team is the great! :)

with Jiyoon and Mr Kim Taehoon. He praised me that I looked 
pretty wearing pink hahaha.

first day :)

second day

well I can't lie. It's either Korea Univ or Kyunghee for me.
I'm sorry for never considering Yonsei in my list, even though
there are more connections between me and Yonsei comparing
to with Korea Univ or Kyunghee T.T

last day~

our UI interpreters team. Ihsan (Kyunghee), Ara (Ehwa), Lolli (NIIED), Niken (DongA), me (Yonsei),
Tanti (Chunnam), Clarissa (HUFS), Afi (Ehwa), Umi (Kyunghee) with Mr Chang from IKCS.
This is minus Mahfud and Wiwid (Korea Univ).

Wish there are more opportunities like this in the future :)

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