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Review: Mirotic

My teacher ordered us to make a review about anything. Since I always fall in love with Dong Bang Shin Ki, I made review about their album. I made 2 review, about Mirotic and Share the World--which I'll post right after this. Please don't bash me if I got something wrong. Feel free to correct, thanks.

The Long-Waited “MIROTIC”

Ever since Dong Bang Shin Ki announced their plan to fly home after finishing their “T” concert tour, the 4th Korean album was something fans were highly anticipated. 4 years are long enough to make Korean fans starving of their new songs. With the fantastic early 2008 in Japan, I wonder how the group would follow up to their third Japanese album “T”.

“MIROTIC” was released on September 26, 2008 to answer the long wait. Consists of 12 songs, “MIROTIC” soon became a blast. It was originally scheduled for release on September 24, but was delayed due to the pre-order amount of 330,000 albums. Three days after released, “MIROTIC” became the best selling album of the year.

HERO Jaejoong created the new coined term “MIROTIC” from the Korean MIRO (means maze) and the English suffix “-tic” with a hope that people will go under Dong Bang Shin Ki’s spell after listening to “MIROTIC”. Well, the hope seems to come true as “MIROTIC” gained them tons of new fans, including fan boys.

The title track “MIROTIC” is a reverse beat dance track where the elegant melody and addictive refrain are impressive. The choreography, especially the chin dancing part, was immediately become very popular. HERO gave us surprise by rapping for the first time in the second single “Wrong Number”. “HEY! (Don’t bring me down)” comes with strong beat box and drum sounds, typical of SM Music Performance style song, along with the club dance song “Are you A Good girl?”. “Crazy Love” and “Paradise” represent different style of Dong Bang Shin Ki’s up beat, although they don’t feature something new.

Aside from those up-beat songs, “MIROTIC” also provides us a series of beautiful ballad songs. The gentle “Flower Lady”, acid jazz “Rainbow”, or R&B “You’re my melody” is also good choices. For the first time, HERO Jaejoong does solo in the remake of “Forgotten Season”. To make this album more special, XIAH Junsu and MAX Changmin participated directly in the making of “Picture of You” and “Love in the Ice” Korean version lyrics. I like “Love in the Ice” Korean version better than Japanese one, because their emotions are clearer in Korean although some fans said the Japanese lyrics is more poetic. Of course it’s also because MICKY Yuchun shows his high-noted voice in this song, something he rarely done.

I love how “MIROTIC” represents the grown up Dong Bang Shin Ki. They don’t come up with their usual cute, energetic, and lovely image, but more as mature and sexy young men and that’s a good change. Their voices have improved much too. In this album, not only HERO Jaejoong does the main vocal, XIAH Junsu does it too in several songs. Finally, MICKY Yuchun and U-KNOW Yunho don’t only do the raps all the time. What makes me happy the most, MAX Changmin’s dances are totally improved. He dances as sexy as the other members do in “Are you A Good girl?” music video. I was shocked he shows his rare flirtatious side. Nevertheless it is somehow annoying because his expressions most of times don’t match the other members.

For a long-waited album, “MIROTIC” is beyond expectation. Even though some ballad songs are boring at first, the rest songs are much more than enough to cover them. It doesn’t only set the new mature trend among boy bands, but also creates a high standard of how a big hit song should sound. As the chorus of “MIROTIC” said, “I got you under my skin”, Dong Bang Shin Ki really gets their listeners under their skin. This album is absolutely irresistible.

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