Monday, December 13, 2010

Petang Kreatif @ Festival Budaya 2010

It's for this we worn our bodies out the last three weeks...


We went home veeeery late at night the last two days before the D day (Saturday 11 2010). People started to suffer from flu, cold, cough, diarrhea... and their friends. We're lacking of sleep, of course (and money too LOL). And on the D day...

I still practiced to change Diarta's jacket with Golda seonbae. We couldn't do it less than 15 seconds. We practiced over and over and over for almost an hour, and finally, we could do it in 8 seconds *proud*

Introducing.. the main casts and the director :) (Left to right) Riris as Sujin, Kara as Sanghyeok's mother, Raras seonbae the director, and Diarta as Sanghyeok. This was taken after the performance.

All crews of 'A Girl in CD Store' performance. Well, not really all of us, truthfully...


Shoot. Me with Arie seonbae's hat. It was supposed to be worn by Diarta in the 4th scene but since we've found it very difficult to change his jacket only, so we decided he's not going to wear the hat. And in order for me to not forgetting where I put the hat, I put it on my head. Then Golda seonbae clicked her camera on me, and... this is the result. FYI, the jacket wasn't mine as well, it's my sister's kkkk.

The result of all our hardwork all this time?


Thank you especially for Alvin seonbae the scriptwriter :)

I really wanted to be the scriptwriter of our performance, but due to some conflicts, I ended up being Diarta's costume coordinator kkk. It felt like turning into Wang Coordi (of A.N.Jell), hahaha :D  

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