Wednesday, September 28, 2011


As I wrote before that the Queen didn't attend MABIM at all, so the last time I saw the Queen's face was on the last day of PSA Paralel, August 19. I didn't have the chance to meet him at all even though school has started. Well.. up until today.

Jadi ceritanya hari ini saya disuruh ngambil proyektor ke Samusil alias gedung 3. Pergilah saya bareng Banjangnim. Nah, tepat ketika saya belok di depan gedung 5 yang menghadap ke Talog, I froze. Refleks saya menggenggam tas proyektor lebih erat dan berhenti ngobrol sama Banjang. Trus saya squealing and fangirling "Kyaa~ Kyaa~ Oppa~!" -,- Ya nggak mungkinlah... The Queen lagi ngobrol sama seorang kawannya. Perempuan. <-- feels like there's some 'unsur suprasegmental' beneath *efek Morfologi*

But I did gasp. Banjang should notice it since it was quite obvious. However, she might just pass it on as she didn't know the reason why.

Oh My, you know, the Queen got new haircuts! The Queen's hair is long now, but the way the hair is combed makes the Queen looked even more cooler and cuter and more adorable and more breath-taking :))

For those five seconds, I felt like "Charging~!" Even though the smile was not for me, but still, it's wonderful..

Hello, the Queen, it's me, your die hard fan. I want to thank you for having such a tender face with smiles plasters on it. And thank you for that gentle voice of yours.

your die hard fan, the one who's been looking at you from afar.

Because of that five seconds, I feel slightly relieved. Well, those tons of tasks still haunting me, but.. at least there's an image (a newer one) of the Queen which I can remember of when I'm feeling like need a break :)

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