Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Do not

Do not whine if you have to stay awake until this late at night, 1 a.m., just to translate those papers --because it was your decision to abandon them on the previous long holiday when you practically had much more free time, and yet you still sneaked to browse things you can read later (or never at all, since they would not bring you benefits in any way).

Do not sigh if you find it hard to catch up with the lessons --because it was you who filled the major field with 'Bahasa dan Kebudayaan Korea' two years ago.

Do not cry if you feel like breaking --because you chose the schedule you live on.

You know the consequences.

Just live it. Hard-workingly.  With smiles kept on every time.

Life is only once.

You decide how to live it --and take the risk.

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