Sunday, December 18, 2011

Game again~

Game again! :D Screw you, assignments and tasks. I need my cheerful break hohoho~

NOW Copy & Paste the following, erase my answers, and put in yours!
1. What was the first Kpop song that you've heard?

I don't really remember, but maybe it's I Do by Rain.
2. What was the first Kpop band you liked and still do?
DBSK all the way. Either the 5 members or trio or duo, as long as there's Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, or Changmin...
3. Who was your first bias ever in the Kpop industry?
Changmin. From DBSK, of course, not 2AM ^^
4. What is your current favorite Kpop boy band?
2AM. Since those five boys holds a very special irreplaceable place :)
5. What is your current favorite Kpop girl band?
SNSD, considering I practically only listen to them in girl band section ^^
6. 3 current favorite Kpop songs?
TRAX - Good News
DBSK - How can I
K.Will - My Heart Beating
7. All time Kpop song for you?
DBSK - Balloons. A truly everlasting mood booster :)
But then again, I have never taken Mirotic out of my mobile~
8. 5 current bias (girl band or boy band)?
Boy Group
DBSK - Changmin
2AM - Jinwoon
DBSK - Yunho
Super Junior - Siwon
SHINee - Key
Girl Group
SNSD - Jessica
SNSD - Taeyeon
f(x) - Victoria
SNSD - Yoona
Brown Eyed Girls - Jea
10. What comes to mind when you hear the word "KPOP"?
"Give me back 2008's KPOP! :''/ "

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