Sunday, December 18, 2011

Six Men (A Wish)

My head is supposed to be fully booked by assignments and exams coming along the way--yes, it is so crowded inside that I want to throw up. I know I have no chance to escape since there's only this little time remaining. Oh well. I have been wanting to jot down tons of plots in my head but life wouldn't let me, argh.

So at least I should have time to do a break with this game. Credit to Candyredhearts who created it, and to Nikatsu because her answers triggered me to do this game as well :D



My older brother: Jung Yunho
It's like the most obvious thing in the world :D He dotes on his younger sister, maybe spoils her sometimes here and there, but he sure knows the limit and will never make her a spoiled brat. He also has that strict side, the U-Know Yunho, and he'd most probably end up being an over-protective oppa--not that I mind.

My younger brother: ......... Taemin
I have never thought I'd like to have a younger brother. It's weird; it's just doesn't feel right to have a younger sibling of opposite sex. I'm fine with having a twin brother--but still, I have to be the younger one. However, since Candy came up with these categories, I shall go with Taemin. In my head, the word younger brother is represented by SHINee's maknae Lee Taemin hohoho. Anyway, Taemin is sweet, nice, and I'm sure he won't bring trouble for himself or his siblings.

My best friend: Key
We'll definitely make a very good study group ^^ We crave for the perfect ones; we set ourselves to put our best in order to pursue the best; but sometimes people just can't understand our decision to chase after a thing (because they thought it would be a waste of our ability). Of course we'll fight very often; he and I are equal naggers. To think about it, Key, with his great sense of fashion, would be a great help for my appearance because I don't really care about how I look so I tend to grab clothes randomly.

My (ex)first crush: Shim Changmin
I stated everywhere that Changmin is my ultimate bias, but that doesn't mean I want (am able) to live my life with someone like him. We share some characteristics, unfortunately, and that would bring us to endless pain, I guess. We don't express our feelings well, that would be the very first reason for the endless pain ^^. For me, he's just an ideal man to look from a far.

My (ex)boyfriend: Choi Siwon
Siwon is like my absolute ideal type: smart, religious, caring, well-mannered.. 훌륭한 남자, for short. I would be honored (and happy of course) to have him as part of my life. However, life is never perfect...

My life's husband: Jung Jinwoon
Jinwoon is my bias, but he is never the ultimate one (because it'll always be Changmin). In his group 2AM, he might be the most underrated: Kwon is extremely popular with his Kkap and then being Adam Couple on WGM; Seulong has his debut as actor in Personal Taste and has always been known as 'one of the faces of 2AM'; Changmin, though his looks ranks the last, is recognized as one of the best singers among idols, then being paired with Lee Hyun in Homme. Not long after Homme, Jo Kwon sang a duet with Gain and then released his epic solo single. Then Seulong had his phenomenal duet song with IU. When the others have over-shone him, he doesn't lose himself and he even still had the guts to tell Hitman Bang that he wants to be a rocker. Owieeee, a ballad prince wants to transform into a rock star. He finally made it; less in six months he released two singles consisting four songs in total. Though none of his songs were big hit like Homme's or Seulong and IU's, half of them is his self-composed songs, his own songs. Those who are singers sure know the proud feeling to have their self-composed songs in their albums.
Jinwoon may has never enjoyed the spotlight, but he sure enjoy his life, without losing himself. He managed to bring his idealist side into real matters; he brought a win-win for his dreams and reality. Sure he would never be success without the unconditional trust from Hitman Bang, but still... He trusted himself very much that he's able to pull out his dreams.
That's a good life I want to live.


If you find this game kind of boring, that's because I poured too many words on it--originally Candy only wrote some sentences for each category and Nikka pasted pictures with some comments, but since I do better with words than pictures, it came out this way :D

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