Thursday, March 1, 2012

My lovely March

I have always loved March the best out of the other 11 months. Ask me why, and I wouldn't be able to provide you a decent reason :D But there is are particular reasons. Should I list? Kkk~

First, my birthday is on March (the third, together with my twinnie Dika and uncle Ronan Keating).
Second, all of my family members have their birthdays in March (except the little baby Aliya).
Third, because Remioromen has a song called March 9th.
Fourth, Jooyeongie and Taeyeonie also have their birthdays on March 9 and Yoohwanie! How could I forget him? xD 4.4.12
Fifth, Junghwan the Sandeul, Myungsoo the L Kim, and that certain someone share March 20 as their birthday.
Sixth, there is not too much rain in March.
Seventh, it's March!

Well, yeah, so random (and why most of the reasons are related to birthday thing-y)..
If I were to pick the next month I love the most, it will be February (because Changmin, Yunho, Siwon, Joon, and my so-called elder brother have their birthdays on February).

I will always love March, no matter what.
Even though the March this year seems to be very hard to live ;---; (blame on the very dear Korean Culture Day 2012)
March will always (and should) be the best month out of the year! (and to think 2AM will have their comeback which I've been anticipated for so long on March 12)

Marcheu manse! \^o^/

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