Sunday, December 16, 2012

"From Me To You"

Finally. After two freaking long years. Joo Young, my dear Jooyoung oppa released a mini album! :')

It was out five days ago (December 11) but since life has been so hectic, I'm only able to check the MV and download the album today. Yes, my dear friends, Joo Young got an MV!

I haven't checked the lyrics or translations whatsoever--the very second I listen to this song, I just can feel 'the Jooyoung groove'. This song is just so Jooyoung.

I notice that he grew up (and he's not that cutely gorgeous anymore), not that I mind. As long as his voice is still as soothing as ever. Anyway, here's the link if you want to download the mini album LINK. There are six songs in it.

I'm glad his MV is released on Youtube through the account of C&J Media (the Mnet group). That way his video will be reached by more people :)

If you wonder how his first single sounded like, you may check out this LINK. Or you may go through my old posts about Jooyoung.

The funny fact that I notice is that both his single and mini album are always released on December. This new mini album was released on December 11 while his single was released on December 7, 2010.

My next wish related him is for him to be able to promote his song on music programs--MCD, Inkigayo, Music Core, Music Bank, anything would be fine.

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