Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jooyoung left Realcollabo

I was enjoying myself, browsing through Twitter and all when suddenly Jooyoung tweeted this.

trans: Next direction together with album, I am thinking about it very quickly. Firstly, I will appear on @sickboimusic's song as featuring, produce by @jacey714

Automatically, I replied to it with quote and add "완전 기대 (heart)" since I didn't know what 방향성 means at first. But I realize something was wrong as I scrolled down my timeline. That tweet turned out to be part of his serial tweets.

Actually, he has indicated from his first tweet (of the serial tweets) that there'll be some not-so-good news.

trans: Everyone, I have something to say.

And then this one.

trans: Are you all listening? Ehem.

This one is his announcement.

trans: I left Realcollabo, which is like hometown for me. I was going to talk about this when my next album is out, but I end up telling you earlier like this. I developed so much in this group named Realcollabo. This is a decision for my next leap. I don't have anything to say anymore..

Ack. This news shocked me so much, really. I admit I'm not a fan of other Realcollabo's artists and I'm not Jooyoung's die hard fan either. I admit I had once thought that something is wrong with Realcollabo and Jooyoung (because he didn't release anything after 그대와 같아 at late 2010 for a long time, before finally he released From Me to You last year. But he still hasn't made an 'official debut' like, let's say, Baek Seunghoon). However, I thought that everything goes well since Jooyoung had a concert with Siaena few months ago at Hongdae V Hall.

His next tweet is the one that I saw first (which I stupidly replied too enthusiastically -____-). This tweet is his last tweet for tonight.

trans: And I am sorry.

I don't know what to feel. I mean, I was fangirling over Jung Dongha's performances in Immortal Songs 2 (to the point that I forgot I have speech exam tomorrow and the fact that K.Will released his Love Blossom MV today) and suddenly... Joo brought this kind of news. Oh, Joo. You know I've been waiting for so long for your albums (and live performance on music programs, oh). However, I am suspicious he had appeared on KBS1 these days on some program, but I can't say anything since I really have no idea about the truth. But I found these in his recent twitpic.

The first picture was from his 그대와 같아 photo shoot, I think, since his outfit is the same. The second and the third were posted in his Instagram before. Yeah, I don't like his current hairstyle >,<

Oh, Joo... I don't know what to say to you. If anything, I just want you to live your life happily and to be able to do the music you love. You don't have to have a flashy career, which may earn you loss of privacy and all. It will be enough if you are able to share the music you love with the people who love you and your music.

Well, I know he may never read this but I just can't help to say those words.^^
And if anything, may I remind you that Joo did reply to my tweet twice (before he deleted his first reply)? LOL.

Live happily, Jooyoung!

Take out with full credits.
source: Jooyoung's twitter (@soulgab)

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  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa JOOOOO ANDWAEEEEE >,<
    hukss this is the second time I read this post and my heart hurt so much TAT
    I wonder why he left...
    thanks for the translations and thanks for letting me know... T^T HUKSSSSSSS