Saturday, April 13, 2013

Staying up for 2 days just because...

School 2013.

Yep, a not-so-cool answer. Kalau misalnya saya begadang karena ngerjain tugas Prof Shin, belajar buat UTS, atau anything homework-related itu oke lah ya. But I've been doing that along this semester and midterm has just ended, so... I decided to give myself a break (though I still have tons of things to do). I ended up went to sleep at 5 am last Wednesday, and I didn't even go to sleep on Thursday. LOL.

I have been wanting to watch School 2013 ever since the news Lee Jongsuk going to star it along with Kim Woobin went online. Mind you, I was crazy about Kim Woobin after his bad-ass, cool appearance in A Gentleman's Dignity and his sudden mischievous, romantic appearance in To The Beautiful You. And cutie pie Lee Jongsuk just fueled up my desire. I did buy the DVD a few days after its final episode was broadcasted. However, due to my endless to-do-list and the fact that the first episode was quite boring and Woobin didn't appear in it yet, I stopped watching the first episode half way.

A few weeks before midterm, Lee Jongsuk and Kim Woobin appeared as guests in Running Man episode 138 and their appearance literally caused chaos among my friends. The episode was funny, indeed, but the most important thing is Woobin and Jongsuk's interaction was too cute to the point you craved for it. Many of my friends downloaded all the episodes and watched in marathon. I was tempted to do so as well, but I braced myself since midterm was right in front of our eyes and there were too many things to do while there were no time left. So I think it's understandable if I decided to jump into the world of fangirling right after the last exam ended :D

In short, this drama is about Go Namsoon (played by Lee Jongsuk), who was once a top fighter and school gang leader, living his life as a student of class 2-2 in Seungri High School. He was picked to be president of the class and things were complicated for him ever since. There's his homeroom teacher, Jung Jaein (Jang Nara) who always get into trouble because of her students she loves so much; Kang Sechan (Choi Daniel), a popular private lessons tutor in Gangnam who had to be class 2-2 homeroom teacher together with Jung Jaein; Song Hakyung (Park Seyoung), his very smart vice president who studies very hard in order to go to S University; and the most important one, Park Heungsoo (Kim Woobin). Heungsoo was Namsoon's bestest friend back then, but Namsoon ran away after he accidentally made Heungsoo lost his ability to play soccer in a fight to let Heungsoo go from their gang, so Heungsoo loathed him ever since, while Namsoon could never forgive himself. There's also Oh Jongho and his two underlings who created many problems for the four main characters (Jung Jaein, Kang Sechan, Go Namsoon, Park Heungsoo).

This drama is very good to watch especially if you want to know more about the condition of high schools in South Korea. Things happened in the drama happened in real life as well. And you don't have to worry about being sick of lovey dovey scenes in most of Korean dramas--this drama has no love line (and I hate this fact the most). However, this drama contains many cussing, swearing, and fighting scenes. I had to remind myself to stop repeating 'aish' and 'saekki'--which were said in almost all scenes.

The point of this post is not about the drama, but about why I sacrificed my beautiful sleeping time to watch this not-so-happy drama. So, why?

Well, because of this.

These two guys, especially the one holding the ramyeon bowl, is just irresitible.

Yeah, yeah, he seems so cold and unfriendly and all, but no, he's the exact opposite. Especially when he is with Jongsuk.
  And they just can be this crazy--that's why there are fans who ship the two together -______-"

Oh, come on boys -______________-"

Long story short, though it's been days since I finished watching School 2013 and I still can't move on from Woobin LOL. Suddenly all scenes of him in A Gentleman's Dignity and To The Beautiful You came to my mind again.....and I just have to find this picture.

I got the grayscale one as my handphone wallpaper.

And you just have to admit that Prez Go is adorable.

And how I wish there are more scenes of Namsoon and Hakyung together, ugh!

My favorite scene is a scene in episode 16 where Namsoon, who was congratulating Kangjoo for her winning in essay contest, found Heungsoo assisting Hakyung whose leg was hurt to walk, and then all four of them froze for a moment. Oh, how I wish that scene would lead on jealous Namsoon ignoring 'guilty' Heungsoo! :3

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