Sunday, June 16, 2013

not a friend, not just any person, but....

친구가 아냐 남자이고 싶어 너에겐
어떤 사람이 아냐 오직 단 한 사람 널 지켜줄
친구가 아냐 이미 처음 널 본 그 순간부터

If you are one of those who have been watching over the boys who won #1 last three consecutive days, I bet you are familiar with those three lines. Yeah, EXO (K)'s My Lady, the reff. Truthfully I like the Chinese ver waaaay better since I like Jongdae's voice waaaay better than Baekhyun's (and Kyungsoo's). But since I don't understand Chinese, the Korean ver is the one stuck in my head.

I don't wanna be your friend, I wanna be your man
I don't wanna be just any person, I wanna be the one who protect you
I don't wanna be your friend, from the first time I saw you

Some people said this song has kinda perverted lyrics but hey I cannot find any suggesting lyrics at all, and my classmates as well. Whatever, for me this song has somehow romantic melody but the most important thing is, the reff lyrics. Bleh. I was choked the first time I heard it.

So. Where is the man who would say those lines for me? ^^

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