Monday, September 23, 2013

Dangerous 'Junmen' is Dangerous.

Because as Joonmyeon has a good-looking face, this 'Junmen' also posses the Prince-ly trait. And those Prince-ly attitude.

Dangerous 'Junmen' is dangerous, because just like Joonmyeon, 'Junmen' is very much a Prince, gentleman, and.... dangerous.

"그럼 한국에 나랑 같이 가자. 나도 내년 한국에 돌아가니까. 비행기 표 두 개 살까?"

Oh, dangerous 'Junmen' is dangerous, everybody. Because he manages to make me call him 'Junmen' (and make me think about Joonmyeon every time I see him) even though I dislike Joonmyeon very much.

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