Monday, September 23, 2013

Unforgettable weekend :')

Literally unforgettable for all the hardship (and some breath-taking moments ^^). I definitely wouldn't be able to forget it........

Pulau Harapan, Sept 21-22, UI Buddy Club's first outing.

Me, Dyna, Mahfud, Clarissa, Wiwid.
#kor10 in UIBC :)

With Clarissa at Pulau Bulat.
We didn't know that there is a house of Cendana in the center of the island.
We did spot the big, very well built house, but we only knew that
it is Cendana's house when we were on the bus -___-

At Pulau Kelapa Dua, visiting turtle conservatory.

with my buddy Chaeyeon Onni!

Because we didn't know what pose we should do.... yeah.
(because Suho is always awkward, be it the real one or the imitation one)

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  1. nice!! lain kali gue harus ke pulau Harapan juga ahahhaaha penyuuuu :3