Thursday, June 30, 2016

[entertainment #01] Lovely Lovey!

Hello world!

I bet most of you thought I'm gonna write about Jooyoung again for my first [entertainment] post (because myself thought so too hohoho). However, since Lovey's first mini album is released today, I decided to write about her.

24 album cover
I knew Lovey because this younger sister of Brother Su was also another RealCollabo's gems (that I discovered very late). She has been featured by numerous rappers and singers since 2011, but she officially debuted in 2013 with her brother's composed song, 돌려줘 (Return). Her soft voice is one of the voice types I fond of. If you are more into Jooyoung's old songs compared to his newest releases, I think you'd like Lovey's latest release.

24 album preview that I compiled from her Instagram

Her songs are cute and sweet. Title track Campus Romance is my favorite of this mini album. It's too bad that she doesn't have any MV (frankly speaking, through out her three years career, she has zero music videos). Maybe it's because she's still kind of free agent since RealCollabo's shutdown. Starship fans and I has been assuming Lovey has signed with Starship seeing how Not Enough and 24 news articles always credit Starship Entertainment for her photos, and Lovey did My Type cover with Exy few months ago. However, it's too stupid of Starship if they don't mediaplay about Lovey at all... considering how Lovey has been recognized for her featurings. And then, 24 info page at Melon listed "Lovey" as the agency.

Anyway, if you're looking for a sweet, romantic song, go search Lovey! ^^<3 p="">

Till next post!

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