Thursday, June 30, 2016


Hello world!

Uh oh, I have never posted anything since the year turned into 2016...

I met one of my favorite authors Sinta Yudisia few weeks ago in Seoul. We talked about many things starting from my thesis to the importance of writing. She gave me a lot of meaningful advice, and one of it was to blog again. So here I am, trying to revive MAX Power! ^^

I plan to categorize my upcoming posts to these:
[memory] - anything related to daily life or anything happened in the past
[travel] - places I went to or want to go to
[entertainment] - spazzing about Kpop or anything that come into my mind
[learning from TV] - something I learned or things I note down when I watch reality show
[living as Muslim] - information, tips or my stories related to living as a Muslim in Korea
[인도네시아 소개] - this is my ambition; I want to write Indonesia-related things in Korean
[Korean literary] - my other ambition; I want to challenge my ability to understand Korean literature by introducing Korean stories/poets/novels I learned in classes
[Korean study] - this will include topics such as Bahasa Korea dan Kebudayaan UI, KGSP, and my study now

Initially I plan to force myself to write a post every day but it sounds like too much... I think three to four posts a week is acceptable.

I don't know if anyone is still reading this blog, but if you are - please watch over my transformation! :) I want to revamp the design too but since I am still as clueless as ever about coding and design, I guess I have to be satisfied with revamping contents first.

Till next post!