Monday, July 4, 2016

[living as Muslim #01] Mushalla at COEX Convention Center

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One of the biggest challenge of being a Muslim in a Muslim-minority country is to find a praying room. Looking for masjid has been proven to be a difficult task; many times we have to be satisfied with a decent space to do our praying. Fortunately, as South Korea has been preparing themselves to attract more Muslim tourists, the government start to pay accommodate Muslim's basic needs such as praying room.

On March 2016, COEX Convention Center, one of the biggest and busiest convention center in Seoul has opened a praying room specially designated for Muslim. I went there few months ago. It doesn't provide you with space to do Wudu, but there's toilet located near the Mushalla so you can do Wudu easily.

The map of COEX Convention Center (3F).
The Mushalla is located on the 3rd floor, right behind Hall E.
If you happen to visit COEX Mall, or SM Atium, make sure you go to COEX Convention Center first. These buildings are connected, but they are not the same building.

As soon as you arrive at third floor, you should see this board.
Go straight ahead until you find the next board.

Still go straight ahead...
You should find this board with Mushalla sign on it.

The Mushalla is on your left.
You will find Mushalla on your left.

The Mushalla
It has no space to do Wudu, but it has toilet next to it so you can do Wudu there.

Man area
Sandals to do Wudu are provided - blue are for man
Man area
Woman area.
Yes, that supposed to be a symbol of a woman in hijab xD
Pink sandals for woman to do Wudu
Woman area
Mukena! But they don't provide a lot.

The Mushalla is not big but overall it's a very nice place to do praying.

So everyone, don't forget to visit this praying room when you are near COEX~ ^^

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