Thursday, July 28, 2016

[living as Muslim #02] Muslim praying room in Kyung Hee University

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Continuing the last post in [living as Muslim] category, this post is still about praying room. The university I go to, Kyung Hee University, is apparently one of the few universities who provide praying room exclusive for Muslim. This praying room has been opened since 2012, but I only knew about its whereabouts earlier this year, sigh.

Unfortunately, it is not opened for everybody, only for students who had their student ID card registered before. But if you are lucky enough, some eligible students often keep the door open after using it so you can use the room. The praying room is located in Neo Renaissance Building, B2 floor, Room B204-4.

Neo Renaissance Building 

Go downstairs until you see this sign. B204 is on your left.
The door to B204. Usually this door is not locked.
There are four rooms behind this door.
There is no place to do Wudu, so you have to do Wudu in the toilet
located in the opposite side of this door.
The praying room
Inside the praying room
There are some sandals for you to use while doing Wudu
This room is also equipped with computer

Unlike Mushalla in COEX, this praying room doesn't have any Mukena, only some sajadah. And since it's serving as Saudi Arabia Students Association Room as well, it is also equipped with desk, computer, whiteboard, some Kyung Hee related materials translated into Arabic, and some Korean books.

I hope this post helps anyone who wants to do praying while visiting Kyung Hee~

Till next post!

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