Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yang ingin diteriakkan

I know it's not a good thing to declare this to you, and that's why I don't do that and post this instead.

I do miss you. A lot. Even though I don't know the reason why. I just miss you. I look for you; I wait for the mark to go green--though it's never been so.

I even had a very weird dream about you. That you told your parents you're going to marry me, then out of blue we really got married, then you and I met my friends (and their babies), and we acted all lovey dovey. And you got a Korean-speaking mother.

That's weird, totally weird, absolutely weird.

But the weirdest thing is I didn't feel weird at all. I even slightly felt happy; I enjoy to have that kind of weird dream.

Posting this may be useless--no, it's not, because at least I feel relieved.

I miss you.

That dream has never been out of my head; it's been replaying for times; it's taking me to another consciousness: and suddenly I think I understand why you keep thinking about that thing.

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