Friday, October 12, 2012

K.Will's 이러지마 제발 (Please don't...)

I anticipated this mini-album quite much even though it's only been a while since his single 지금처럼 (Never Go Alone) was released--but hey, it's been three years since his last full length album. I literally bang my head on my pillow as I couldn't watch the music video as soon as it's released since my internet connection at home was dead and I have to wait until today so I could watch it at campus.

The music video really worth anticipating.

When I first read the title of the song, I immediately thought, "Oh, K.Will finally having a heartbreaking song as title song again after some cheerful songs (from the previous albums)." As I watched the music video, I prepared myself for a sad, tear-jerking ending, but the last 15 seconds really got me frozen. It was totally surprising and unexpected and jaw dropping and... It made me speechless. I like how the producing team twisted the story so the MV would not be just 'another typical triangle love story'. The story line was sweet and sad at the same time but it's just the way I love it. I'm sure people who watched it would not be able to forget it easily ^^
Talking about the album... I really love how it's different from 'I Need You'. Still the ballads I love, but a whole different ballads... I can't wait for the comeback stage :)

It was my comment on K.Will's official facebook page, for the event to get an autographed CD ^^

Talking about the last 15 seconds... I don't know if I should be grateful or sad that the production team included that part. However, that 15 seconds sure gave a huge shock and left a deep impression to everyone who watched the video.

I like how his management put more attention on his clothes now. Since his mini-album 가슴이 뛴다 it's getting better, but this album... it's just simply great. Suits him very well.

Check out the music video yourself, and please give it a Like :)

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