Thursday, May 2, 2013


So today is May 2nd. What's up with May 2nd?

Jeong Jinwoon's 22nd birthday~! ^^

After I (successfully) forgot the eldest hyung (Changmin, May 1st), I woke up to find hashtag #어느진운날 trending. Hohoho. So the first thing (in my timeline) in the morning I, of course, tweeted to him.

Then I found it's not only Jinwoon who celebrates his birthday, but also Tao of EXO-M and Seungjae of BTOB. And the three of them are maknaes of their respective group. Whoa, what a cute coincidence^^

Anyway since today was not so good for me... let's end this day with Jinwoon's photo spam :D

 He looks like Joon of 아빠 어디가 here lol

Jinwoon always looks good with musical instrument :3

the one he posted on his Twitter some time ago

I don't know why but I like this photo of him the best :)

Jinwoon and his pretty 'wife' in their first meeting~

and this gif... I just can't....

May you be happy with your pretty wife and always be the cutest couple ever.
May your solo album will come out soon :)
May you always have your bright eye smile on your face forever!

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