Sunday, March 2, 2014

"Just let me listen to your breath"

Of course I am biased. Of course I listen to Changmin's ver, even though his duet partner is Krystal.

But all versions of Breath strongly remind me to Tim's Saranghamnida. The melodies here and there... not that they are similar, but they give off the same vibe and feels.

Then again, SM was kind enough to let Zhang Li Yin sings the Chinese ver. I was that close to tears when I heard the news (and add the fact they put her together with Chen). But still, still~

Breath will never be able to beat Timeless.
At least for me.

Well, Timeless is just the perfect package: the perfect singing duo and the best storyline SM has ever come up for an MV. SM will never be able to remake that--hey, don't forget our lovely Xiah and Han Geng are no longer there.

(and why the hell I post about this mellow song when I should be playing happy, energetic songs for tomorrow)

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