Saturday, March 1, 2014

March has come!

Here comes the month I love the most out of the year!

We have sooo many birthdays waiting: mine, dad & mom, twinnie, Jooyoung oppa, Yoohwan oppa, Taeyeon onni, Sandeul, Minseok oppa, Jaehong oppa, my old friends, ... the list can go on forever.

And then they said March 2014 is packed up with comebacks: DBSK, SNSD, Shinhwa, etc. etc., and ... K.Will :3

What else is there to be anticipated?

Oh yeah. My favorite date after March 3rd: March 9th :)

And finally... Stepping into March means I have to step into chapter 3 of my graduation thesis :|
But I won't let it ruin my lovely March! I will work hard to keep this March as lovely as other March I have passed!

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