Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Catching up with life


Today I was caught up in the whole Jooyoung-joins-STARSHIP X 'fiasco' (and relatives visiting our house because of Eid, of course). I decided to put up posts about Jooyoung since there are quite a number of Jooyoung's 'newly-found' fans but there isn't much information about him.

So, what about my life?

First of all, I'm S.Hum a.k.a B.A already :) These four long years finally ended beautifully, thank God.
Second, I'm flying to Korea next August for my Master program. Yes everybody, I got the KGSP scholarship :) at least for two and a half year starting next month (which is only like, two days to go), I have to work even harder than the last for years ^^;; Not that I mind, because it's the way that I chose.

I'm not gonna write details in this post since I have to wake up early tomorrow and it's past 11 already--but the thing is, once again I want to thank God for His blessings for me :)

At last, Eid Mubarak for all of you!


  1. Assalamulaikum... kak, kakak S.Hum itu hukum ya? Kok bisa lanjut program master ke korea itu gimana ya? mohon penjelasannya :) aku bermimpi exchange student kesana.. terima kasih^^