Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jooyoung joins Starship X Entertainment?

This morning I was shocked by Jooyoung RTing Starship Entertainment's tweet about 'Starship X Troopers Concert' on August 31, 2014 in Olympic Hall.

It's been a while since the release of his single 'Popstar' on September 2013. He did a few featuring performances in Kim Feel's concert earlier this year, but still~ Seeing him listed in a concert held by a major label is totally.... wow. I am really speechless when I saw this at the first time. Jooyoung will share the same stage with Junggigo, MadClown, and SISTAR's Soyou and Hyolyn! :")

But does it mean he belongs to Starship X now?

Yes, it bugs me a lot. He left RealCollabo on April 2013 and has been under Belikewater Records ever since, as stated in his Facebook page. However, I highly suspect that Belikewater Records is his self-owned label, since it only has him under it (check their website here).

I tried searching for any news stating Jooyoung joins Starship X Entertainment only to find none. When I tried searching in Twitter, the first tweet stating Jooyoung is Starship X artist was made by @STARSHIPindo on 7:32 AM (GMT+7), followed by a tweet by @STARSHIPeffect on 8:09 AM (GMT+7).


@STARSHIPeffect: [INFO] Singer and song writer Jooyoung joins STARSHIP X!
I cannot believe it 100% since both of them are fanbase accounts which based in Indonesia. So I opened STARSHIPXent official twitter and found Jooyoung on the top of their following list.

STARSHIPX following list

I move to Jooyoung's personal twitter, opened his following list, and found he recently followed all Starship and Starship X Entertainment's artists.

Jooyoung's following list - 1 (newest)

Jooyoung's following list - 2

Jooyoung's following list - 3

Then I checked his profile on Naver, it also stated that he is now under Starship X. It also said that the profile has been changed today.

Jooyoung's profile on Naver

Seeing these, I think it's 99% safe to say that Jooyoung is under Starship X now. I am still bothered by the fact neither Jooyoung nor Starship X has announced him joining Starship X, so I leave that 1% there until there's an official announcement ^^. I mean, hey, Jooyoung took his time to announce his leave from RealCollabo~ And Starship X did announcements when Junggigo and MadClown joined them.

Thanks to that tweet by Starship Entertainment, today Jooyoung gained attention and new fans --especially from Indonesia ^^

Now that he's a part of Starship X, I hope I can see his 'official major debut' soon! (and maybe collaborations with K.Will? *wink wink*)

EDIT 140730
Eluphant's Kebee posted a photo of Jooyoung and Eluphant on July 29, 2014 in his Instagram and said Jooyoung is in Starship in the caption.

#주영 이랑 간만에 #이루펀트 작업실에서. 앞으로 주영이 스타쉽에서 흥해라!!
After a long time, with #Jooyoung at #Eluphant ‘s studio. Wish Jooyoung in Starship will be more successful!!

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