Tuesday, January 31, 2017

[living as Muslim #03] Muslim Prayer room in Lotte World

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Another post on praying room in Seoul. This time, it is located in the infamous Korea's biggest indoor theme park, Lotte World. It seems like Lotte World has just recently opened Muslim praying room in late 2016, as when my friend visited Lotte World in January 2016, his family still couldn't pray in Muslim praying room. These photos were taken on my visit to Lotte World last December.

The infamous Lotte World

The praying room is located in the Exit of 3F Jungle Adventure. You may find this information banner in some places all around the theme park. Or simply just ask any park staffs, they'll give you the direction.

Information banner
In order to use the room, you will need to call a park staff by pressing the button available on the door. This is to avoid the room being used for other purposes.

Press the bell an a staff will open the room for you
They have separate Wudu room for men and women ^o^

Wudu room for men
Wudu room for women - with curtain! :D
They also provide sandals you can use for Wudu.

Sandals available for use
The praying space is not that big. I guess the maximum capacity is around 10 people doing praying at the same time. There isn't any curtain border to divide men and women, unlike praying room in COEX. No mukena available as well.

The praying space
Now you can find Halal food in Lotte World, as Pasha, a renowned Turkish food franchise in Korea with 13 restaurants all over the country, has opened a branch there.

Yeah, the same Pasha you can find in Itaewon
Now you don't have any reason to not pray when you visit Lotte World ^o^

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  1. Oh thank you so much for the info. i was worry because no info about prayer room in Lotte World as i will go there next week. thank you so much :D