Thursday, February 2, 2017

[living as Muslim #04] Praying room in Korea Tourism Organization Seoul office

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Another post about praying room in Seoul~ This time it's located in Korea Tourism Organization Seoul office 2F. It's not far from Gyeongbok Palace or Gwanghwamun Square, and close to Cheonggyecheon Stream. The photos were taken (by me, of course) two weeks ago (January 2017).

The praying room is open from 9 AM to 8 PM, following Tourism Information Center office hours

After getting to 2nd floor, walk to the center of the floor until you find this sign on the side. Or try to find Medical Tourism booth, the praying room is right next to it. Or simply ask a staff and they'll tell you where the praying room is.

Praying room sign
Women praying room is separated from men praying room, just like the one in COEX. Yeay.

Men praying room
Women praying room.
I always find the thumbnail for women praying room in Korea is cute :3
As I could only enter women praying room, below are photos of Wudu room and praying space in women praying room.

Wudu room. One person at one time
The praying space is not that big, three people at once max I think. Just like praying room in Lotte World, no mukena available here.

No mukena available
This is a suitable place for you to do praying if you are in Gwanghwamun or City Hall area. Yes you gotta walk to reach KTO Seoul office, but hey, the walk is worth it ^*^

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