Saturday, June 6, 2009

Anycall Bodyguard - Kim Sang Bum & Kim So Eun

Well, yeah. I found this at youtube, of course. Thanks to wondersmurf

This is the best couple of Kkotboda Namja a.k.a. Boys Before Flowers. I love them much more than Jun-pyo & Jan-di. I read tons of fanfics about this Soeulmates, but I recommend you this one, Capturing The Casanova. It's the best. Si pengarang ngikutin alur ceritanya Kkotboda Namja dan ngebuat fanfic-nya itu kayak penjelasan tambahan dari cerita asli Kkotboda Namja... I really admire the author's writing style. She got me as her no.1 fans :D

As I've said everywhere and everytime I have chances... I'M DYING FOR SOEULMATES' SPIN OFF. I was glad untill death
*hyperbolis abiiiiisssss* when I found this CF, but hey, come on... Why don't you make it a drama so it'll be much more longer...

Soundtrack-nya yang nyanyi SHINee... Those little kids, I'm starting to love them too :D A little too late, bodo amat lah.

GUE PENGEN ANYCALL BODYGUARD!!! Aaaarrghh~~~ *Watch the entire video and you'll know why I want it that much*

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