Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saat Terakhir—forewords

As I said before, my group and I are working on a drama for Indonesian subject. We are still shooting—we've just shot 2 scenes, there are still about 20 more scenes. I am really exciting doing the script. The idea was come from our discussion. Each of my group members wrote a part of this script in order to lighten my work. However, I ended up revising them all to my longing, hahahaha.


The idea isn't that original, it is influenced by many dramas—especially Korean dramas—and the real story of ST12. You must have known why we are influenced by ST12. Yeah, Vino is one of my group members. You may think this drama is 'totally ST12' because we even pick their song as our title. To be honest, I myself feel a bit irritated with the fact 'Saat Terakhir' has taken as ST12's song title. I forced my self to find another catchy title. After long uninspiring days, I decided to pick it as our title. My group members did submit suggestions, but their suggestions are "too sinetron and not creative at all".


I won't write about the plot in this post; I'll post the script partially later. This time I only want to introduce this script and write about the characters and the casts first.


Scriptwriter: Nizz

Directors: Faye & Nizz

Cameramen: Nizz & Faye


Major Characters

CRMF—the band

Vino as Charli; the vocalist

Jared as Ryo; the keyboardist

Agto as Miko; the guitarist

Faye as Ferdi; the bassist


Nana as Windi; manager of CRMF

Latfi as Sylvia; a model and actress


Minor Characters

Nizz *me* as Lilyana; the producer of CRMF

Augi as Luisa; a model and actress, Sylvia's friend

Anni as Febi; a model and actress, Sylvia's friend

Tina as Maya; Windi's aunt and doctor

Anni as Dita; new manager of CRMF

Tina as Rene; anchor of Gen FM



I'll post the first part next time. Hope you read and enjoy it. After that, do comment please so I'll know your opinion on my script. Thanks, enjooooyyy!


  1. wew.. finally, your class started to make movie. Okay nizz, keep spirit !

    I know, you can make a great movie later. I'll wait it.. But, dont forget that I make it too ! hehe .

  2. i'm waiting for your movie, bin :D