Friday, October 16, 2009

Super Junior S.K.R.Y

Super Junior S.K.R.Y isn't really exist *but I do wish it is!* the real sub-grup of Super Junior is K.R.Y

This whole dreams started when I looked for videos of Super Junior's Super Show in youtube. Sungmin was kinda the lead vocalist of the songs I watched. And when I watched Marry U *where Super Junior cried the whole song instead of singing*, when the camera focused on Sungmin's eyes, oh oh! That's the time I forgot that I'm Shiwon's no.1 fans ;P

Then, remembering Super Junior's four lead vocalists are Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung, I realized that Sungmin is the only lead vocalist who doesn't join K.R.Y and that's too bad! I started to think, "Why didn't Sooman put Sungmin along with the other lead vocalists?" I mean, hey, they *excluding Kyuhyun* have been lead vocalists since Super Junior debuted, so why must you excluded Sungmin? And they said K.R.Y is the group of those who have the best voice in Super Junior!

I don't mean to bash or offense anyone or anything especially Super Junior and K.R.Y by writing this. I just want to share my thoughts that it should be Super Junior S.K.R.Y at the first place...

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