Saturday, March 3, 2012

생일 추카한당!

To: 사랑스러운 쌍둥이 Dhika랑 나 

생일 추카한다!
응원한것도 모두 잘 이루어지길 바라다
올해도 최선을 다하자!

In this late of night--or should I say early of day? hohoho
I received a pleasant surprise from my long-time first-ever-overseas friend, Saher. We chatted for a while in facebook and I finally sent text to her. Oh, I should've done that long time ago~!

Then my facebook timeline started to be filled by congratulation messages. What really made my day was 쌍둥이 Dhika posted first this year! (It's almost always me who posted first every year) And guess what, I ended up talking about my ideal type of man with one of my senior ㅡㅡ'

This year I officially turned 20. 세무살이고요. Twenty. Not some teens anymore.

What differs this year from the others?

That's what I need to work out.

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