Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let's play! 100 Questions on K-Pop section 1

Copied from 500sunny500 on who reposted from KoreanBiased.
The answers are biased and no offense intended, so please don't be offended. If you're disagree with my answers, you are free to make your own list.

SECTION 1 Favorite & Preferences

1. Favorite group?
Crystal clear: Dong Bang Shin Ki :D

2. Favorite guy group & bias?
Dong Bang Shin Ki and the one and only Shim Changmin

3. Favorite girl group & bias?
I don't really like girl group, and since I mostly only listen to SNSD in girl group section, so I guess it's SNSD. Oh yeah, and Jessica Jung :)

4. All-time bias?
Changmin. The Shim one hohoho

5. Favorite maknae?
Changmin (the one in DBSK, ofc, because the one in 2AM is the oldest <-- IDK but I found this funny ^^)

6. Favorite leader?
Crystal clear: DBSK's Jung Yunho

7. Favorite song?
2AM - Even if I Die, I can't Let You Go. I have never once taken it out of my mobile phone

8. Favorite Japanese version of a song?
Rising Sun (DBSK). I found it waaaay better than the Korean version

9. Favorite English version of a song?
Brian Joo - It's Over Now (and Domino, too. I can't really pick out of these two)

10. Best actor/actress in Kpop?
Park Yoochun. He's just amazing in acting, better than the other four, even waaay better than the others :)

11. Best group on variety shows?
MBLAQ. They (now) really know what and how to do on variety shows

12. Best-looking?
Hmmmm if it's best-looking, it has to be Kim Jaejoong (no specification on whether best-looking in handsome part or pretty part, right? Hohoho)

13. Cutest couple?
Adam Couple - Jo Kwon and Gain. Should say the craziest couple too, though

14. Who would you date?
Jung Jinwoon. Yes, not Shim Changmin, everybody, but Jung Jinwoon :))

15. Who would you date if you were the opposite gender?
Victoria Song. Man she'll make a very good wife!

16. Who would you want as an older brother?
Jung Yunho. He would dote but never spoil ;)

17. Who would you want as an older sister?
Brown Eyed Girls' JeA. Woohooo what a hilarious sister I'd have!

18. Who would make a good husband/wife?
The good husband would be Jung Yunho; while the good wife would be Victoria Song (but they wouldn't make a good couple, hahaha)

19. Favorite album?
I can't really pick between Mirotic (DBSK) or Saint O'Clock (2AM)...

20. Favorite solo artist?

21. Favorite underappreciated group?
… who belong to this category? (add the fact I don't really listen to rookies)

22. Favorite music video?
Balloons - DBSK. Such a joyful MV!

23. Favorite dance?
SNSD - Gee maybe? Because it's been the (inter)national dance...

24. Favorite costumes/outfits?
MBLAQ's Cry. I like their make ups even more than the outfits

25. Favorite remix?
MIROTIC! Of course!


  1. nomer 7. mblaq cry
    nomor 18. seunghooooo

  2. trus nomer 13, lo ama seungho, gitu? hahaha