Saturday, January 21, 2012

Let's play! 100 Questions on K-Pop section 2

Copied from 500sunny500 on who reposted from KoreanBiased.
The answers are biased and no offense intended, so please don't be offended. If you're disagree with my answers, you are free to make your own list.

SECTION 2 Versus Rounds

26. 2NE1 or KARA?
… I don't listen to them, and I really, really don't like them (except Sandara and Nicole)

27. SNSD or After School?

28. f(x) or T-ara?
f(x). Well yeah, I'm a SM-centered fan..

29. Big Bang or 2AM?
Crystal clear~ 2AM!

30. Dalmatian or TRAX?
TRAX all the way. Have never listened to Dalmatian

31. SHINee or 2PM?
… well, SHINee has Key. Though 2PM has Chansung… I'll pick SHINee~

32. CN Blue or SM The Ballad?
SM The Ballad (after Kyuhyun is kicked out, hohoho)

33. Super Junior or B2ST?
Super Junior

34. Yuri or Yoona? (SNSD)

35. Jonghyun or Key? (SHINee)

36. Minho or Taemin? (SHINee)

37. Yoseob or Dongwoon? (B2ST)
Yoseob (because I don't even know which one is Dongwoon ;P)

38. TOP or G-Dragon? (Big Bang)
In terms of idol, G-Dragon

39. Kikwang or Hyunseung? (B2ST)
Kikwang! (same case as Yoseob's above)

40. CL or Minzy? (2NE1)
… I can't even distinguish who is who...

41. Dara or Bom? (2NE1)
I can only distinguish Sandara out of the four...

42. Luna or Krystal? (f(x))

43. Victoria or Sulli? (f(x))
Toria Toria ^^

44. Amber or Amber? (f(x)) (haha, there's only one choice...Amber is boss :D)

45. Jessica or Tiffany? (SNSD)
Jessi Jess Jessica :)

46. Sooyoung or Sunny? (SNSD)

47. Yonghwa or Jonghyun? (CN Blue)

48. Siwon or Heechul? (Super Junior)
Siwon :))

49. Yesung or Donghae? (Super Junior)
Oh, well. Donghae

50. Leeteuk or Kyuhyun? (Super Junior)
LEETEUK!! *kick Kyuhyun*

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