Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Let's play! 100 Questions on K-Pop section 5

Copied from 500sunny500 on who reposted from KoreanBiased.
The answers are biased and no offense intended, so please don't be offended. If you're disagree with my answers, you are free to make your own list.

SECTION 5 The Beginnings

76. How did you get into Kpop?
Kdramas. Thanks to Rain ^^

77. What was the first song you ever heard?
I'm not really sure, but maybe it's Rain - I do

78. First group you knew about?
I heard about Super Junior first (...that the charming Choi Siwon, who played on 18 vs 29, belong to a large-number-of-members-boyband Super Junior…), but the first group I check upon is Dong Bang Shin Ki ;)

79. First group you really got into?
Dong Bang Shin Ki!

80. How long ago did you discover Kpop?
Umm… since around 2006 or 2007 so it's been six years ago, I think

81. Did you like it or dislike it when you first discovered it?
Well… There were no particular feelings

82. Is your current favorite group the first one you discovered?
YES! All five members! (no matter how their states are now, duo or trio or quintuplets)

83. If not, how long did it take you to discover your favorite group?
I have never looked at other groups before JYJ's lawsuit :) then when they were on loong hiatus, I found 2AM, my second favorite

84. First variety/reality show you watched that had a Kpop artist in it?
… Not really sure, but maybe Super Junior's Explore Human Body

85. First song/MV/pic/whatever that made you fangirl scream?
… 기억 안 나...

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