Saturday, January 21, 2012

Let's play! 100 Questions on K-Pop section 3

Copied from 500sunny500 on who reposted from KoreanBiased.
The answers are biased and no offense intended, so please don't be offended. If you're disagree with my answers, you are free to make your own list.

SECTION 3 Funny Stuff

51. Funniest girl group & funniest girl in the group?
Brown Eyed Girls while picking on 2AM hohoho. JeA, the mastermind, of course, is the funniest one~

52. Funniest guy group & funniest guy in the group?
MBLAQ and Lee Joon. Don't you ask why Lee Joon. Just watch MBLAQ's Sesame Player ;P

53. Funniest group of all?

54. Funniest person of all?
Shin Donghee? :)

55. Funniest dance?
The ending part of Tohoshinki's Summer Dream? hohoho

56. Funniest song?
Jo Kwon - Monkey Song ^^

57. Funniest costumes/outfits?
DBSK - Balloons

58. Funniest music video?
DBSK - Balloons

59. Funniest couple?
Adam couple - Jo Kwon and Gain

60. Funniest parody?
Big Bang's parody of Secret Garden :D

61. Funniest buffalaxed version?
…… what is buffalaxed?

62. Funniest variety show episode with a Kpop artist?
Every episode of MBLAQ's Sesame Player :D

63. Funniest impersonation?
G-Dragon's imitating YG

64. Funniest face?

65. Funniest mistake onstage?
Changmin fell asleep on the stage just right after the music stopped (and one of the other four had to drag him out of the stage) :D It was waaaay back then :)

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