Friday, March 4, 2011

Get Married, Dara! ch1


The air in the morning was cooler than days before. It was entering winter, that’s why, and it’s nearing Christmas. The first snow in this winter hadn’t dropped yet, but there in her room, a girl rolled up herself with blankets on her bed.

She’s actually a hard worker and diligent girl. Usually at this time she would have blended with people on the road chasing the subway. It’s just she’s been working out too much for the past weeks, so that her body was doing a strike on her.


She groaned. Of all times, why her immune chose to vanish at this time when the students were going to take their exam?

The sound of her phone forced her to end her sleep. Lazily, she took it.

“Hello.” She answered lazily without opening her eyes.

“Merry Christmas, Nuna!” the voice in the other line said in chirpy tone.

She furrowed and her eyes opened in instant. She distanced her phone to check the caller ID and the date. As expected. It’s Kwon Jiyong. She sighed.

“It’s still weeks to go, Jiyong.” She said coldly.

“I know, I just want to remind you that Christmas is weeks to go so you still have time to search your Christmas gifts for me. I don’t want last Christmas to happen again.” He pouted.

“Yah, I was busy with my jobs, you know that.” She said, still coldly.

“That’s why I remind you weeks before Christmas, so you’ll manage time searching for it between your works.”

“Oh, come on Jiyong, how old are you now? Even I didn’t give Sanghyun Christmas gift either.”

“But I did give you Christmas gifts, Dara Nuna, and I’m still going to give you Christmas gift every year.” Jiyong said in low tone.

She knew there’s no point of debating him. Jiyong had always won in all of their debates. She was also not in the mood to hear his endless arguments as her head started spinning again. “Fine Jiyong, I’ll find a gift for you.” She said that to prevent the boy in the other line to start nagging.

“Really?” he chirped again. “I love you, Dara Nuna!”

She rolled her eyes and was going to hang up the phone when Jiyong said again.

“Don’t get back to sleep, you should eat first Nuna. You are not going to get better if you’re only resting but not eating nutritious food.” He said in serious tone.

How could he kn—ah, I guess he sensed my nasal voice, she thought. “Okay. Bye Jiyong.” She hung the phone and tossed it under her pillow, then rolled herself again with the blanket.

Thirty minutes later, she heard the bell rang. Who is it to come at such time?

Her jaws dropped as she saw Jiyong standing in front of her holding a tray with a bowl on it. He stepped in and headed to the dining table afterward.

“I know you are too lazy to eat by yourself, so I am here to feed you, Nuna. Here, I cooked you porridge.” He patted the chair beside him.

“I can feed myself.” She took the spoon from his hand and began eating. Jiyong watched her finishing the porridge in silence.

“Hey, don’t you have classes to attend?” Dara snapped when she glanced at the clock.

“I guess I’ll call this day a day off.” He answered, still not letting his stare off of Dara.

She tilted her head. “Why?”

“Because I have to look after the sick you.” He said coolly.

“My goodness, Jiyong!” she rolled her eyes. With refueled strength from the porridge, she dragged him to the door.

“But Nuna, I have responsibility to look after you! Aunty and Sanghyun aren’t here and you are sick now.” He whined.

“But your main responsibility as a student is to attend your classes. Besides, I’m not that sick and I’m still able to take care of myself.” She folded her arms.

Jiyong sighed. He got no other option. “Okay, but be sure to call me at lunch.” He said as he weakly got out of the house.

Dara watched until Jiyong’s figure disappeared from her sight. That boy is always caring to her and her family, moreover after her father died. Jiyong was very close to Sanghyun. They had habit of playing basketball almost every night at Jiyong’s backyard, and they’re still doing it up until now Jiyong had gone to his last year in university. While Dara is a hardworking sister who worn herself out to afford their lives, Jiyong become a dependable older brother Sanghyun never has. Besides that, Jiyong also fills the role of father for him. Jiyong once punched Sanghyun when he found out Sanghyun had skipped classes almost a week only for hanging out with some delinquents. He may be only two years older than Sanghyun, but he’s way more matured.

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