Thursday, March 3, 2011

How I Become A Key

Kekekeke~ silakan ketawa kalo merasa drabble ini lucu, tapi kalo nggak lucu mohon jangan tabok saya #hidesbehindKey


"Why did you vote for Jinwoon instead of me? His rap isn't even nearing me and he can't dance at all! Are you MY friend or HIS friend? Do you find him charming?"

She only rolled her eyes.

"Why didn't you give your vote to me? You know how much I dreamed to be school representative at this?"

"I know Kim Kibum, you told me a thousand times."

"Then WHY?"

"Because you can't join that competition."


"Because you'll have been busy doing exhausting training in SM Entertainment by the time the competition held."


"They sent the letter of acceptance this morning. I took it from your mailbox, sorry... I was checking your newspaper as usual when I waited for you coming out of the house then I found it and I wanted to suprise you."

"I... I... Oh my goodness, thank you God!"

"I hope you won't forget me once you become famous celebrity."

"Of course I won't!"

"And Kibum, I've created a stage name for you."

"What is it?"



"Yes, Key."

"Why Key?"

"Because you are the Key to my heart."


This is supposed to be cheesy, so don't throw up, please :D

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