Friday, March 4, 2011

Get Married, Dara! ch5



Dara was busy correcting her students’ homework that afternoon. She had just had her lunch with her fellow teachers.

“Dara, have you got this?” Minzy waved a card to her.

“What’s that?” Dara furrowed. “Who’s that from?”

“Remember Jeong Jihoon? Our student board President?”

Dara nodded. How can I forget?

“He’s getting married by the end of this month.”

“Really?” she raised her eyebrows. “Congratulations! Who’s the lucky girl?”

“Song Hyegyo, I don’t know who she is. Are you coming to the party?”

“I don’t know, and I still haven’t received my invitation yet. Are you coming?”

“Maybe. If you’re coming, let me know so we can go together, okay?” Dara nodded and Minzy went back on what she’s doing earlier.

Dara’s thought wandered off to her high school memories. She was part of the student board and so was Minzy. Jihoon was their President. He was a very charismatic one back then. He’s not very handsome, but he’s quite good looking. Jihoon was popular for being able to keep his academic scores good while he’s extremely busy with student board activities. Dara admired him very much. But did I fall in love with Jihoon?

She suddenly remembered Jiyong’s word. What is your ideal type?

Yes, what is my ideal type? I like someone who will always be there when I need him. He understands that I’m not so good in expressing my feelings and he doesn’t mind about it. He’s a hard worker too, just like me. He cares not only about me, but also about Mom and Sanghyun. He should be able to get along with Sanghyun too. Like Jiyong.

She stunned at her own thoughts.

Well, she has to be like Dara Nuna. Jiyong words chimed in her head. Dara felt butterflies in her stomach.

That Jiyong man…

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