Thursday, March 3, 2011

Signs ch1: Those Smiling Eyes

Chapter 1: Those Smiling Eyes

Singing has been the thing Agnes like the best ever since she was born. She is a singer now, famous and respected as a talented one. Her career is good, her albums and singles were sold above 500,000 copies in average—except her last mini-album. It was released six months ago and sold around 200,000 copies. Truthfully, it was good enough for singers at her age. However, David, her manager who’s also her elder brother, didn’t think so. The market was more into bands, he thought, and he came to conclusion that she needed some breakthrough.

An invitation for Agnes to sing in Asia Song Festival that was held in Korea was the beginning of his plan on her breakthrough. Somehow, he assigned her to a well-known major agency, JYPE, to get special training. So there she is, working out her body to satisfy her manager’s ambition—and hers, in fact. The switching from somebody in her country to nobody in this country wasn’t easy, but she had never complained about it.

Being trained for almost half a year, she got used to her new life well. Breakfast - singing practice - dancing practice – lunch - language course - dancing practice - singing practice – dinner – singing practice was her usual routine. With that schedule, how could she visit Bishounen Café so often? Well, if you had an assistant named Aryani Sutowo, it would be very much possible.

Aya, that’s how she is called, was an old friend of Agnes back then. She has been a regular visitor to Bishounen Café since her family moved to Korea when she was in Middle High and was crazy about its sweets. The fact that it’s located only 500 m away from the agency building gave her reason to drag Agnes to Bishounen Café every time she had chance, like this time.


“Yo! Chans, how are you?” Aya cut him off. Side by side with Chansung, she walked to a table near the garden. Agnes followed them quietly. Not long after the two sat, another waiter popped up to greet Aya.

“Where have you been? You haven’t visited us for a long time.” He stood by the table.

“Don’t exaggerate, Junho! It’s just a week!”

Agnes knew Aya made friends with all waiters and chefs and even the manager of the café. All those good-looking waiters treated her as if she’s one of them. However, Agnes noticed someone’s gaze upon Aya was more than that. His smiling eyes said his feelings and it’s slightly clear to read that for him, Aya was a princess. It’s a big lie if Agnes said she’s not bothered by it—since she’s used to be the princess for everyone back then. Yet her manager’s big plan and her tight schedule—and her haughtiness—made her put it aside.

Jinwoon, the waiter with those smiling eyes joined their table a moment later. It wasn’t the time to eat nor have tea so there were only a few people in the café and the waiters could have short break. “So, what you two are doing now?” he asked.

“Basically, I help her doing things as usual.” Aya sipped her drink. “She’s flying home tomorrow to do photo shoot and performance, right Nez?”

Agnes nodded.

“Ah, that means you’re going to miss Bishounen Band’s performance again, Aya?” Yong asked. “You know, Jinwoon will be the main vocal in the next performance.” He added.

“EH? Really? You’re main vocal, Jinwoon?” Aya shocked and got excited. Jinwoon smiled widely. Her eyes widened. “I will not miss it!” she exclaimed.

Jinwoon raised his eyebrow. “You said Agnes will fly home.”

“She is, but I’m not.”

Agnes could see sparkle on his eyes when Aya said she’s not flying home with Agnes. 'Crap that smiling eyes!'


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