Thursday, March 3, 2011

Signs ch2: Those Teary Eyes

Chapter 2: Those Teary Eyes

To her surprise, the photo shoot could be finished earlier so that Saturday afternoon Agnes had returned to Korea. Even though no one invited her, she was curious to see Bishounen Band’s performance, especially Jinwoon’s.

It was 7.30 pm when she arrived at Bishounen Café. Silently she slipped in the crowd. Tables with best view to the stage were all seated. Agnes managed to get a chair in front of the bartender. The view wasn’t good, but she could see Jinwoon clear enough from the spot.

His voice was deep, but not that deep and not a husky one. Although he only wore simple sky blue shirt and black jeans, he’s still as gorgeous as ever. Agnes noticed he didn’t take off his smile along his performance. She could tell whom his gaze was landed on most of times: Aya. Her heart stung a bit, but she tried to focus on his performance and ignored it.

Round of applause was heard as he bowed to the audience. Agnes was walking towards him when she saw Aya talked to him.

“Why didn’t you tell me you have that wonderful voice? You’ve never sung for me too.” She pouted.

“Well, you’ve never asked me…” he smiled shyly.

“Then you have to sing at my wedding!” she exclaimed happily.

Agnes automatically stopped. Did I hear right?

“Y-your w-wed-wedding?” Jinwoon stuttered. He looked confused.

“Yes.” Aya smiled widely. She introduced the man sitting next to her. “Jinwoon, meet my fiancé, Jay. We’ve just engaged last week.”

Jinwoon shook Jay’s hand awkwardly. “Nice to meet you.” Jay said.

“Nice to meet you too.” Jinwoon faked a smile. “Congratulations on your engagement.” He added.

Aya spotted Agnes’ figure standing a few steps away. “Agnes? Hey, Agnes, is that really you?” she tilted her head.

Snapped out, Agnes continued her walk. “Hi.” She greeted them.

“I thought you are still in Indonesia. Why are you here?”

“The photo shoot ended early. David said I shouldn’t paused training too long and sent me back. He didn’t fly back with me so I skipped practice tonight and… here I am.” Agnes shrugged.

“Tsk, David… Ah, by the way, this Jay is my fiancé.” Aya chuckled and hugged Jay’s left arm.
Agnes slapped Aya’s arm. “How could you two didn’t tell me you’re dating? Don’t you consider me as your old classmate?”

“I didn’t know you two are working together here.” Jay said evasively.

“You didn’t ask.” Aya added shortly.

“I eavesdropped to your conversation before and I heard you’ll get married soon. When and where will the wedding be held?” asked Agnes.

“The parents are still looking for the date.”

From her eyes corner, Agnes could see Jinwoon was getting uncomfortable with the topic. “Guys, I think I should go. The band needs me.” He excused himself. Agnes stared his back slowly disappearing in the crowd with mixed emotions. Stung, mad, disappointed, yet sad.


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