Thursday, March 3, 2011

Signs ch6: Are you brokenhearted?

Chapter 6: Are you brokenhearted?

Jinwoon suddenly became even busier after that Bishounen Band’s performance. He spent more times together with Agnes. David and the producer of Agnes’ new album watched his duet with Agnes and were satisfied. They decided to include that song in the album. Jihoon and David agreed adjusting Jinwoon’s shift to Agnes’ practice and recording schedule.

This busy feeling was new for him, but he enjoyed it very much. He liked music very much and he had been dreaming to be a real singer. Another reason he hadn’t fully realized: he had used to hang around Agnes that he started to feel uncomfortable if he hadn’t seen her for a day.

He began to hate Wednesdays and Thursdays because she never visited Bishounen Café on those days due to her practice schedule and he couldn’t visit her either since he had full classes till afternoon and night shift at Bishounen Café. Junho and his fellow friends often teased him as they found him unconsciously prayed for Mondays coming sooner because he’d spend almost all the day with Agnes.

She might be a girl who’s unable to start conversation with people she didn’t really know, but once she felt comfortable with someone, she would be a very good companion. He figured that out after several times going out with her. Instead of being a knight who protects and does all the hard things for the princess, Jinwoon felt he had found a match partner when she’s by his side.

He didn’t know whether he were over Aya or not. People said first love never dies. However, her absence in his life didn’t feel like a big loss anymore. He didn’t feel any sting when he heard David said she had flown to her country to take care things for her wedding.

“Jinwoon, listen this.” Agnes pulled out an earphone to him when he served her order. “Something’s not right, but I can't figure out what it is.” She said. “Ah, so frustrating, I’ve been working on this song since yesterday that I’m lacking sleep.” She leaned back.

“You look tired.” He said as he sat next to her and plugged the earphone to his left ear.

“I’m all worn out.” She sighed. “Hurry, listen to it and tell me which part you think is the problem. My producer wants to exclude it from my album, but I have feeling I have to include this song. However, I know I have to fix it first and I need arguments to argue him but my brain is too tired to think while I need those things immediately so that’s why I need your opinion.” She explained in a breath. “Oh, I really need to sleep…” she whispered.

“My brain can't think any of good solutions in a tick. I have to think about it over and over. For the sake of time efficiency, you may sleep while I’m thinking.” He teased.

“Shut up.” She mumbled. Well, I have nothing to do while he is thinking. Guess five minutes sleeping won’t hurt.

He was in serious thinking when he felt something heavy on his shoulder. He turned to his left and grinned seeing Agnes’ sleeping pose. You may hurt your neck, girl. He pulled her to his embrace and placed her head on his shoulder. I thought you can't seem frail. He tidied her hair.

Since the first time he met her, she’s always looked strong. She pulled out her best on things she decided to do. She’s a little egoist, to be honest. She didn’t really listen to one’s suggestion on her work if she didn’t really have respect on them. Well, she hadn’t shown much expressions in front of him. They were limited to tough and full of passion looks only. He knew her career was good back there and she’s financially steady. Issues back then said she’s too independent that she needed no man in her life. Wonder why suddenly you wanted to fill up your new album with brokenhearted songs. Are you brokenhearted?

Jinwoon was taken aback with his thought. He stared at her closed eyes. “Do you fall in love with someone?” he asked weakly.

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