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Signs ch8: Bold Signs Like This

Chapter 8: Bold Signs Like This


“Can you explain why must I sing here?” Agnes stared at David with big eyes.

“Seulong’s request.” He answered shortly.

“Of all cafés in Korea, why did he choose Bishounen Café?” she whined.

“Why don’t you go ask him by yourself? He suggested nonchalantly. “He’s next door.”

She rolled her eyes as she passed him by.


Rounds of applauses were heard as Seulong and Agnes bowed.

Seulong always liked to talk to the audience at his live performance, and this performance wasn’t an exception.

“You all might have known that Agnes herself co-composed Sign. She said Bishounen Café and this song have a special story. What is it, Agnes?” he turned to her.

Agnes startled. Seulong did say at the backstage that they’re going to talk a bit about this song, but she didn’t expect he’s going to ask this.

“Well… My first live performance of Sign was in Bishounen Band’s monthly performance and I got the inspiration for Sign here. It’s mostly written here too. Actually, the Sign I made at the first time was quite different from the Sign now.” She was hesitated whether she should talk about Jinwoon or not.

“Oh, really? How is it different?”

I hate this punk. “It was kind of a song for dying people,” she laughed nervously. The visitors burst out laugh too. “And then my composer rearranged it to the Sign now.”

“I see. Ladies, the name of Sign’s composer is Jung Jinwoon. Absurdly, I found the name Jung Jinwoon too in the waiters list hanging there.” Seulong pointed the wall behind the bartender.

“Ah, they’re the same! Jinwoon the waiter is the composer! I remember watching him and Agnes playing piano singing this song!” a woman near the stage exclaimed out.

Seulong clapped his hands. “Can we have Jinwoon to be on the stage?”

His request made Agnes’ eyes bewildered. I swear I want to kill him right now!

Then here he was. He flashed his renowned eye smile that fluttered her heart once again. She could feel her knees went weak.

“So, Jinwoon, why did you compose such a song?” Seulong asked. Truthfully, half of Agnes wanted to know too. Was it really because of Aya?

“Basically, it’s because the girl I liked couldn’t discover my feelings to her, even though I gave her signs.” Jinwoon grinned.

“Oh, it must be hard for you…” Seulong commented. “But maybe your signs weren’t clear enough for her to read?”

Jinwoon nodded in approval. “I think so. That’s why I come to conclusion that I should show my feelings in an explicit way.” He made his way and turned Agnes to face him. The crowd started to make some “Aaaaaw~” noise.

“It’s me, the one who’s crying like a fool
I’m in the dark room all day and all night and it’s not alright
Why can’t you understand my heart?
My heart tightens as time passes…”

Agnes could feel her heart pounded crazily as he sang the first rap part of Sign. What the heck is he doing?

Jinwoon jumped to the second rap part. The crowd went crazier when he took Agnes’ hands and knelt down.

“Don’t neglect me, I want you by my side, side.”

He ended his singing and took a small box out of his pocket. “I’m sorry for not showing my feelings clear enough to you at those times.” He opened it and offered it to her. It’s a simple yet elegant platinum ring. “This bold sign means ‘I love you, Agnes, will you marry me? Will you spend the rest of your life with me?’” he looked straight into her eyes.
Agnes shuddered. Never had she imagined this to happen. Now what? What should I do?

Then Jinwoon flashed his most charming eye smile, which caused Agnes’ knees could no longer support her body. He caught her just in time. However, it led his face to be just a few cm from hers.

“I love you, too.” She whispered softly.

Again, he flashed his renowned smile before tilting his head to give her a sweet kiss.

Everybody in Bishounen Café cheered and shouted their congratulations.

He straightened his back and secured her in his arms. “From now on, there’ll only bold signs like this.” He whispered. “Jihoon hyung, I quit!” he shouted to the microphone in his hand.


FLASHBACK — a couple weeks before

“Seulong hyung!” Jinwoon walked closer.

“Whoa, Jinwoon! I thought you have quit being a part timer here since the girl you like getting married.”

“I’m not that desperate, hyung.” Jinwoon pouted. “Actually, I was asked to be a co-composer for a regular customer who happens to be a foreign singer.” He said happily.

Seulong rolled his eyes. “And you fall in love with her, am I correct?”

“Hyung!” he punched Seulong's arm as he giggled. “What are you doing here, by the way? I thought you’re busy with promotion now.”

“Why? Can't I visit my cousin’s café in which my other cousin works too?”

“Sorry for making you wait so long. “ David went back to his seat in front of Seulong. He surprised to see Jinwoon sitting beside Seulong.

“Ah, David, this is my cousin, Jung Jinwoon, he’s a part timer in this café. Jinwoon, this is Mr David Muljoto, the manager of my duet partner.” Seulong introduced them.

David straightened his seat and faced Jinwoon. “Jinwoon, I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m really curious. What did you do that my sister suddenly agreed to replace your version of Sign with Seulong’s while she insisted to keep it no matter what just few moments before?” David’s question made Jinwoon’s and Seulong’s eyes went bigger.

“I don’t get what you’re talking about, David.” Seulong frowned.

“This Jinwoon is the composer of Sign. Agnes had already recorded it with him before. I could sense she fell head over heels to him before out of blue she wanted to erase him from her life.”

"Wha..." Jinwoon was taken aback. “Seulong hyung, do me a favor please.”



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